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Welcome to our Official Website.

We have new shirts, patches and buttons and it's all on sale!!! Order now and get free stickers! While supplies last! Also, there is a new link to Jay and Ryan's new band "Left in Ruin" so check it out. And coming soon expect to see a Noise Riot myspace page!
Hey everybody! After taking a break from any major touring for the last 2 months the Suicide Machines are off to Los Angeles for a show at the TROUBADOUR on Thursday, May 11th w/Buck O Nine, Toys That Kill, and Los Kung Fu Monkeys. This show will be followed by a 14 date tour of Mexico with Los Kung Fu Monkeys. All the info. for the cities, dates, and venues is on the Tour Dates page.

The dates for the September tour of Japan with Coquettish also have now been posted on the Tour Dates page and our MySpace page. www.myspace.com/thesuicidemachines. The guest bands will be posted up as they are confirmed.

Also - check out our newly redesigned Japanese website. Make you own photo books online.Thanks to Hide and Ai Koyama and Just Rock Records for hooking it up! www.suicidemachinesjapan.com

See you all in L.A. and Mexico this month!! Thanks for visiting our site!
Hey all! The No Use For A Name tour was a lot of fun! Thanks to all the No Use guys, I Am The Avalanche, and Versus The World! And of course a big thanks to anyone who came down to any of the shows and/or bought merchandise! Much love!

Currently the Suicide Machines are taking a short break and will continue touring for War Profiteering Is Killing Us All April 21st and 22nd with 2 dates in Puerto Rico followed by a date in Marquette, MI. at the 231 HOUSE OF MUSES and a tour of Mexico. We're going to be kicking off the Mexico tour with a May 11th show at the TROUBADOUR in L.A. along with Buck O Nine, Toys That Kill and Los Kung Fu Monkeys!

Plans for a summer (Jul/Aug) U.S. tour are underway at the present moment and all the dates, venues, and details will be posted here and on our MySpace page (www.myspace.com/thesuicidemachines) as they are confirmed. And let's not forget - The Suicide Machines will be returning to Japan in September for 8 shows with Coquettish and many other Japanese bands!

Thanks for visiting! Talk to you all next month!
Hey all! The Pennywise tour was awesome and we'd like to thank our friends Jim, Fletcher, Byron, and Randy for taking us out. It was a lot of fun! We'd also like to thank all of our friends from No Use For A Name and Love Equals Death and everybody who checked us out and bought some merch at any of the shows. Much love!!
We're now home for a couple of weeks and getting ready to start the US South and East Coast tour with No Use For A Name, I Am The Avalanche, and Versus The World. We're looking forward to it and we'll see all of you at one or more of the dates.
Up after that - we'll be taking a little time off and then continuing with 2 dates in Puerto Rico April 21st and 22nd followed by a show in Marquette, MI. at the 231 House Of Muses on April 27th.
Then - the Suicide Machines will be making their debut in Mexico in May touring with Los Kung Fu Monkeys! This tour has been in the works for quite some time and we will be kicking it off proper Thur. May 11th with a show in Los Angeles at the TROUBADOUR w/Buck O Nine, Toys That Kill and Los Kung Fu Monkeys. We highly recommend getting tickets early for this one as it will most likley sell out. The first Mexico date will be Fri. May 12th in Tijuana at EL FORO (Jai Alai) and then continue on through until May 26th in Monterrey. 13 shows total and the dates and venues will be posted here soon!
Also happening later this year is an 8 date Just Rock tour of Japan in September w/Coquettish and several other Japanese bands. This will be completely off the hook as usual! We'll post all the dates and guest bands here as they are confirmed.
We are currently looking into UK/European dates and a return to Australia for Summer 2006 and we'll let everybody know here when those have been decided.
We wanted to let everybody know that you can also check our My Space page and the Side One Dummy site for tour dates and info as well. www.myspace.com/thesuicidemachines and www.sideonedummy.com
Thanks for visiting!
Hey eveybody! Jay and wife Sandra Navarro have launched a new record label called NOISE RIOT RECORDS. The first release which - is now on sale on the merch page of this site - is a collection of all of the old (pre-1996) Suicide Machines material. This long awaited release has been entitled "On The Eve Of Destruction 1991-1995" The 28 songs featured on the CD include the 7 song first demo, the Vans Song 7 inch, Green World demo, and early versions of New Girl and The Real You. All the songs have been remastered and the CD artwork and layout done by Mark Penxa.
In other news - the U.S. East Coast/South tour was a blast! We had a great time and we'd like to extend a huge thanks to our friends from Stretch Armstong, Whole Wheat Bread, and ForDireLifeSake for doing the tour with us. Much love and respect!
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We'd also like to send out a big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! We had a lot of fun! We are now getting ready for 2 sold out shows with our friends from Pennywise in Anaheim, CA. at the House of Blues followed by a January U.S. West Coast tour with Pennywise, No Use For A Name, and Love Equals Death. Check the Tour Dates here and on our MySpace page for all the details.

We also have a 16 date run of the U.S. South and East Coast in February w/No Use For A Name in the works. These dates will also be posted soon. And let's not forget about the annual Detroit Xmas shows. This year is going to be awesome! We have a lot of great bands playing this year over 2 days (Dec 29th & 30th) at the Magic Stick. Guest bands include The Lawrence Arms, The Swellers, Whiskey Diaries, St. Thomas Boys Academy, and more! Only 10 bucks! See you all there! The Puerto Rico shows have been rescheduled for absolutely the last time to April 21st and April 22nd. Sorry about any inconvienience.
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Hey everybody!
We had an awesome times in Japan and Australia and we'd like to thank all of the bands that played with us. A big thanks to Coquettish and Just Rock Records for doing a great job and setting up one of the best tours we've ever done in Japan! We'd also like to thank Kemuri, Fuck You Heros, Tropical Gorilla, Stompin' Bird, Electric Summer, Niagra 33, Cherry Coke$, and U Can't Say No!. Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows in Australia! The show in Sydney at the Annandale was truly memorable and all the other shows were great as well. A huge thanks to Bagster, Steppin Razor, Stolen Youth, The Jerks and everybody else who played with us! We're now getting ready to take off on the East Coast tour in a couple of days. Should be a lot of fun and we're definitely looking forward to some great shows! We'll see everybody at one, or more, of the 25 dates that we'll be doing.